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25/06/2018 · I’ve done the trick that involved replacing the xign codes with the old ones and that gets the game to start up but as soon as the login screen loads after the story cutscene, i immediately get a notification that says “unable to connect to login server” which forces me to quit the game.

“Unable to connect to login server” Error : DragonNest


So, I am on 2 week trip to Spain currently and I booted up Dragon Nest SEA on my new laptop. When the cutscene finishes, it freezes for ~1 minute and then diasplays message “Unable to connect to login server”. I: did a speedtest of my internet (37 ping, 16.52 Mbps download, 9.05 Mbps upload) Made sure to use dnlauncher.exe, and not dragonnest.exe

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16/08/2014 · hello guys , i have a problem with my DN SEA .Processor-Nvidia Geforce 610m 2gbIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210m CPU @ 2.50Ghz4gb ram 64bit-OS

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08/01/2014 · Jan 15, 2014 @ 4:16am. Yes, we had a server maintenance until 15 minutes ago. The servers are back online now. #4. gethdar 4 .qp. View Profile View Posts. Nov 11, 2014 @ 11:24pm. i have same problem even after maintenance someone help me plz. #5.

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unable to connect to log in server — Dragon Nest Forum — MMORPG … Dragon Nest unable to connect to log in server. … CN, SEA, NA, or others? notice whether the game is in maintenance or not..if not, … Dragon Nest SEA: Sign Up for Open Beta Game Account

Unable to connect to login server : DragonNest


First time trying to play SEA and having this error “Unable to connect to login server” every time I open the game. Playing from NA if that means anything. Ah, unless if you have a VPN, DN SEA is only for selected countries within the SEA region. Since the game detects you’re from the NA, that’s why you can’t connect.

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18/01/2018 · Unable to connect to login world! Heal Please! Hello there, me and few of my friends are trying to set up a dragon nest server for some personal fun and pvp (we have relatively high ping on live servers its not really fun to pvp), we have done every step to set the server up using @ protocolbeta ‘s guide ( [Guide] 80 Cap Files: 7 Classes …

Unable to connect to the login server error? : DragonNest


So after finishing dungeons/nests the screen pops up that shows your clear time and how many star you got, the problem is it gets stuck there or freezes there and I …

Unable to connect to login world. : DragonNest


Using Lagendia torch is really hard for me since I would always run out of mana in the middle of it, I need to stop for 3 minutes after each run to regen my MP. I don’t see this problem for other moonlord on youtube, in fact, they always have 90%-100%MP during nests.

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*****READ CRITICAL INFO HERE*****sorry for abbrivations and typing error .i made this vid in a hurry,didnt have time.MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS AFTER A …

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